Ms. West is driving and back to her busy life…

Ms. West is a 67 year old female who lived alone, was driving, independent with activities of daily living (ADLs such as bathing, dressing, eating, etc.), ambulated (walked) without an assistive device and was active in the community. She had a past medical history of osteoarthritis and rheumatoid arthritis.  Ms. West underwent a left total knee joint replacement in late March.  After her hospitalization, she came to East Glen for rehab.  Upon admission, she required assistance with dressing; her overall endurance had decreased; and her balance and ambulation was poor.

Occupational therapy and physical therapy worked together to develop a plan of care to return Ms. West to home and independence.  Ms. West participated in occupational therapy, with focus on using adaptive equipment for dressing, balance challenges, education for home safety and strengthening.  Physical therapy focused on increasing range of motion for the knee, gait training, safety education, strengthening and balance training.  Ms. West participated well and made substantial gains in all areas.  The following is a recap of her period of treatment:

Baseline on Admission Goal Outcome
Hospitalization Return home Returned home
Needed ADL assistance Independent ADLs Independent ADLs
Needed assistance to walk Ambulation without walker Ambulates independently
Decreased knee range of motion 0 to 120 degrees 0 to 120 degrees
Distance for walking 200 feet 800 feet


Ms. West is now home, independent with all tasks and walks independently. She is driving and back to her busy life.