Ms. Clooney again goes out with her family…

Ms. Clooney (pseudonym used for confidentiality) is an 87 year old female who lived with her son and his family.  Prior to hospitalization, she was independent with all activities of daily living (ADLS such as bathing, dressing, etc.) and ambulated (walked) independently around her home.  In February, Ms. Clooney had a fall at home and sustained a left tibia fracture which resulted in lengthy hospitalization.  After surgery, Ms. Clooney was unable to bear weight and wore a full leg cast.

Upon admission to East Glen, Ms. Clooney required extensive assistance for dressing and bathing.  She was unable to stand and displayed decreased cognition.  Her therapy team, consisting of physical therapy, occupational therapy and speech therapy, developed a plan of care to help maximum her ability to function for a safe return home with her family.  Ms. Clooney participated with occupational therapy, working on ADL re-education, balance and strength training to compensate for deficits due to weight bearing restrictions.  Physical therapy worked with her on balance training, strength training, transfer techniques, and, eventually, gait training.  During her short term rehabilitation stay, Ms. Clooney’s weight bearing status changed and therapy worked with her at all stages of her medical progress to achieve maximum level of independence.  Speech therapy worked with Ms. Clooney on increasing cognition for increased safety and environmental management.  The following is a recap of Ms. Clooney’s progress:

Baseline on Admission Goal Outcome
Lengthy hospitalization Return Home Returned home with family
Non-weight bearing Ambulation Ambulated without walker
Extensive ADL assistance ADL Independence Independent with ADLs
Decreased cognition Home/Environment Safety Able to manage safely


Ms. Clooney has returned home with her family.  She has returned to her previous level of functioning; dressing and walking independently.  She goes out with her family and has returned to her routine.