Mr. Jones is back to grocery shopping and community activities . . .

Mr. Jones (pseudonym used for confidentiality) is an 89 year old gentleman who lived alone, was driving and used a rolling walker for ambulation (walking).  He was independent with tasks of daily living and went out in the community on his own.

He was admitted to the hospital in late January with a stroke and resulting confusion.   After a hospital stay, Mr. Jones came to East Glen for rehab.  He was seen by occupational therapy, physical therapy and speech therapy.  Upon admission to facility, he displayed decreased ability to dress himself, a decline in overall strength and balance, and was at risk for falls due to decreased ability to ambulate safely.

The therapy team worked with Mr. Jones to create a plan of care to promote independence with activities of daily living, increase cognition, and return to return to home with safe ambulation.  Mr. Jones worked with occupational therapy, participating in upper extremity strengthening, balance challenges and ADL re-education.  Physical therapy involved gait training, strengthening and balance training.  Speech therapy worked with Mr. Jones on increasing cognition for home safety, management of medications and safe management in the community.   A recap of his progress is as follows:

Baseline on Admission Goal Outcome
Hospitalization Return home Returned home, driving and active in community
Needed ADL assistance Independent ADLs Dresses, bathes independently
Needed walking assistance Ambulation with walker Walks with walker 200+ feet
Decreased Cognition Safe management of environment and medication Manages medication, good home and environmental safety


Mr. Jones is now back to his routine of being out in community, grocery shopping and is living independently at home.